Right to Be Forgotten Cleanse

$300 ValueTriggered by a landmark ruling by the European Union’s top court which gives individuals the right to request the removal of search results for their own names, this dataPurge takes you on a journey through the google searches of your name and existence, tracking down the source of what it means to be the digital ‘you.’This treatment is for anyone that has Googled themselves and wanted to hide from the results.

A 1-2 hour cleansing for your mind and body.

Sunshine Cleanse

$300 ValueHave you ever had someone in your social media, mobile device or  personal computer that you want to forget about…entirely? We will help you give a final farewell to your person of choice with the “Sunshine Cleanse”. Free yourself from the chains of total connection. Our staff will systematically erase all evidence  of this person from your devices, so you can be confident that they won’t reappear in any facet of your digital life.

This is a 1-2 hour cleanse is free for those in the age of relations

Lovelorn Cleanse

$200 ValueDo you online date through Match, eHarmony, OkCupid and, the most recent stalwarts, Tinder? Are you collecting a plethora of digital lovers but never facing them in reality? In an epic goodbye to these platforms participants will provide our team access to all their dating profiles, past and present, to examine what went wrong and help you find love in the future.

A 30 minute – 1 hour cleanse is a free trial available for the heavy hearted.